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NECEPT PennDOT Certified Concrete Field Testing Technician Certification Program


If severe weather is predicted, check the Training Calendar prior to each start time to ensure this webinar is being held.


First Day:  
8:00 AM
4:00 PM

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Building / RoomAddressPhone
AnywhereAny internet location.
For Business Partners or Department employees who do not have a shared location listed below.
Additional Schedule/
Locations Information:
Please use the NECEPT Course # 2221
Register at – Upon confirmation from NECEPT, PennDOT attendees must also be registered in LSO and start the OST process.

To register for this webinar, PennDOT employees should check with their Supervisor for approval.
Then ask their Training Coordinator to place your name in the Department's registration system.

When applicable, see the Business Partner section for registering Non-PennDOT attendees.

General Information

General Information:
Please use the NECEPT Course # 2221
Register at – Upon confirmation from NECEPT, PennDOT attendees must also be registered in LSO and start the OST process.

Sponsored By:
Highway Administration
Technical Training & Development

Primary Training Organization:
Joe Cribben, P.E.

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Overall Webinar Size:
Registration Deadline:
Cancellation Deadline:
No-Show Charge:
$80   *Organizations with no-shows will be assessed this charge for each missing attendee.

Class Agenda 2022__NECEPT_Concrete.pdf

If, due to a disability, you need an accommodation to participate in this webinar,
please make arrangements via the Contact Information section below.

Continuing Education Credits

Awarding continuing education credits (PDH/CEU/CEH) to a training course or other training event does not imply or guarantee that the training course/event is approved by the Pennsylvania State Registration Board of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Land Surveyors.

According to Pennsylvania Act 25, “Credit determination for activities…shall be the responsibility of the licensee.  Continuing professional competency obtained by a licensee should maintain, improve or expand skills or knowledge obtained prior to initial licensure, including law and ethics applicable to the profession, or develop new and relevant skills and knowledge.”

For informational purposes only:1 CEU is equal to 10 hours of instruction
1 CEH is equal to 1 hour of instruction

Business Partners

Attendance is reserved for PennDOT employees only.

Webinar Contact Information

 For technical questions regarding the content of this webinar, please see Course Contact Information.
For non-technical questions, such as those regarding the webinar schedule, locations or registrations, contact the following...

Virginia Lawson

(717) 346-1375


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