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Traffic Signals, Introduction to -- Module 8 Final Exam

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Traffic Signals

This module is the final exam for the self-study introductory traffic signals course. All seven individual modules must be completed prior to taking this final exam.

PennDOT provides continuing education credits (3 PDHs total) for completion of all modules, including the final exam. Follow the instructions on the Final Exam module to submit proof of completion to PennDOT to receive a Certificate of Completion.

To receive credit for the course, 70% of the exam questions must be answered correctly (14 out of 20). Full instructions on taking the exam are included at the beginning.

When you have completed the exam, please PRINT the final exam results and complete the attached cover sheet. Provide both to PennDOT via one of the following options:

- Email to:

- Fax to: 717-214-6112

- Mail to: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Attn: Technical Training and Development Section
Keystone Building, 7th Floor
400 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120

If you have any difficulty printing the exam, please be sure to use the Print-Screen button on your PC to capture a screen image of your final exam results. Paste this screen image into a MS Word document as proof of your completion.

Link to this Training:
Module 8 Final Exam
Traffic Signal Cover Sheet.pdf

Continuing Education Credits

Awarding continuing education credits (PDH/CEU/CEH) to a training course or other training event does not imply or guarantee that the training course/event is approved by the Pennsylvania State Registration Board of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Land Surveyors.

According to Pennsylvania Act 25, “Credit determination for activities…shall be the responsibility of the licensee.  Continuing professional competency obtained by a licensee should maintain, improve or expand skills or knowledge obtained prior to initial licensure, including law and ethics applicable to the profession, or develop new and relevant skills and knowledge.”

For informational purposes only:1 CEU is equal to 10 hours of instruction
1 CEH is equal to 1 hour of instruction

Contact Information

Virginia Lawson
(717) 346-1375

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