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Traffic Signals, Introduction to -- Module 6 Traffic Signal Timing and Phasing

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Traffic Signals

This is a self-study introductory traffic signals course that provides an overview of traffic signal procedures to Department personnel, municipal officials, planning partners, contractors, developers, consultant engineers, and other traffic signal stakeholders.

Participants will understand the various laws, regulations, standards, policy, and guidance information provided by the Department along with understanding the various components of a traffic signal. The course also serves as a refresher for experienced staff or as an introduction to additional subjects related to traffic signals outside of their current job duties.

This course is intended to be a high-level overview of various traffic signal items.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

- Locate and navigate the various publications related to traffic signals in Pennsylvania
- List the steps within a traffic signal agreement between the Department and other agencies
- Perform a partial traffic signal warrant analysis
- Identify various traffic signal components used in the field
- List the items in a typical traffic signal plan set
- Define common traffic signal timing and phasing terminology
- Define asset management and list the different types of traffic signal maintenance.

In order to receive credit for completion of the course, the participant must pass a final quiz built at the end of the course and follow the instructions to submit their results to PennDOT.

The course includes seven modules plus one final exam; an estimated completion time of the entire course is seven hours (includes review time). Any module may be viewed as many times as desired.

Module 6 will introduce you to the signal timing and phasing. This includes controller elements such as cycle length and phases, pedestrian timing requirement, pre-times and actuated signal control, and system control. The module has a running time of 52 minutes and an approximate review/reading time of 39 minutes.
PennDOT provides continuing education credits (3 PDHs total) for completion of all modules, including the final exam. Follow the instructions on the Final Exam module to submit proof of completion to PennDOT to receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Module 6 Traffic Signal Timing and Phasing

Continuing Education Credits


Awarding continuing education credits (PDH/CEU/CEH) to a training course or other training event does not imply or guarantee that the training course/event is approved by the Pennsylvania State Registration Board of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Land Surveyors.

According to Pennsylvania Act 25, “Credit determination for activities…shall be the responsibility of the licensee.  Continuing professional competency obtained by a licensee should maintain, improve or expand skills or knowledge obtained prior to initial licensure, including law and ethics applicable to the profession, or develop new and relevant skills and knowledge.”

For informational purposes only:
1 CEU is equal to 10 hours of instruction
1 CEH is equal to 1 hour of instruction

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